The directors of Musicare, Brian Barker and Jury Krytiuk, are music industry veterans, each with over 50 years of experience. We are one of Ireland’s largest independent music publishers. All of our staff are experienced in the industry, dedicated to the administration, development and exploitation of copyrights within the United Kingdom and Ireland. We have affiliated company offices in Canada, the United States and Jamaica and representatives in all other countries of the world.
Whether it is a movie needing placements, a TV commercial requesting creative ideas or a new composition, an artist looking for songs for his or her next album or a producer looking for tracks for upcoming projects, there is a need for a publisher to be out there, ensuring that his or her composer is offered the opportunity to pitch or write for the project.
Musicare staff realize this and are prepared to get their hands dirty to truly represent the composers and publishers it has signed, acquired and looks after.
The strength of Musicare today is the direct result of a publishing legacy based upon our long-standing representation of independent international publishing catalogues and our own significant original Irish and English catalogue.
The bulk of Irish songwriters are unpublished. They think that signing with IMRO and MCPS is all that they need to do and that money will fall from the sky. Not true.

There are 40,000 songs a day being added to the music industry’s copyright system (Societies). That’s close to 15 million songs a year. The societies are overwhelmed. They can’t keep up with adding them to their system. As a result, they have given the large and medium publishers (like ourselves) direct access to their systems so that we can add the titles.

It used to be that when we had a new recording, we had to get someone in the U.S. to release it, someone in Australia to release it, someone in Germany to release it, etc. Today, the minute someone puts something on the internet, the world has access to it. It is important that songs be properly registered in every country of the world. The societies are so wrapped up in trying to add new titles they do not have a system in place for advising other societies of the repertoire that they control. We have offices in U.S., Canada and Jamaica. We have representatives in all other countries of the world. The societies collect but they do not promote. It is the mandate of our offices and sub-publishers to try to keep a song alive as long as possible earning as much money as possible. We try to get airplay. We try to get local artists to record the songs. We try to get synchronizations.

When we have the name of a potential client, we can do a report on them showing what is in the system and what is not, what is published and what is not. Each time we do such a report it is amazing how many times we find that as a result of a typo or a registered title being different from the way the title is listed on the record/CD label. As a result, the money is being lost, or we discover that the songwriter doesn’t even belong to a society. What we also run into is the situation in relation to deceased composers. The minute a songwriter is deceased he/she ceases to be a member of a society. It is then up to the Estate to become a member of a society. A lot of families do not know this and, as a result, again, they are missing out on income.

One area where we are unique to other publishers is that we give songwriters their own page on Airplay Direct. The world has changed a lot since we were both active in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Companies no longer send out CD’s and press kits to radio stations…it is too expensive. And more and more stations are no longer playing CD’s. Everything is electronic. They keep their library of recordings in their computer.

Airplay Direct is a place that radio stations go to download broadcast quality songs to add to their databases. It is the largest such service in the world. Over 11,000 radio stations worldwide belong to this service. Artists now send out electronic press kits in which they urge programmers to listen to and download their music from Airplay Direct. In addition, every Monday, Airplay Direct does an e-blast to the 11,000 stations advising them of new releases.
Only registered radio stations can download, the public cannot.

You can see two examples of our songwriter’s pages here: –



Who is this Jury Krytiuk character?

I am a veteran of the music industry. I’ve done it all. In the 70;s and 80’s I owned the largest independent
record label in Canada. I produced and released close to 300 albums. I had a record distribution
company, music publishing company, managed artists, produced concerts, produced a TV series and
even produced a movie. In the end I decided that rather than be spread so thin I would concentrate on
what I loved best, music publishing.

I have had a wonderful ride as a publisher. For 10 years I ran Johnny Cash’s company. I did all of the
publishing for Don Williams and Crystal Gayle. I’ve succeeded in getting songs in over 50 major motion pictures and hundreds of TV shows. And songs in major commercials such as Google Chrome, Smart Car, Toyota, Kia, Heineken Light, and Ericsson Cell Phones.

I have offices in Ireland, Canada, Jamaica and the U.S.A. and representatives in all other countries of the world. Unlike other so-called publishers who just register a song and sit back and wait for the money to fall from the sky I believe that it is a publisher’s mandate to keep a song alive as long as possible earning as much money as possible for the composer.